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At Trusteeze, our trust experts will guide you to leave a legacy of love through a well-planned and executed trust that will protect your assets and take care of your loved ones.

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A well-planned and executed trust can protect your assets as well as grow and preserve your wealth in perpetuity. It’s all in the execution!!! This is exactly what Trusteeze is all about! We are the first all-in-one solution for complete trust structuring and compliance! We not only charge less, we provide a holistic solution to estate owners and provide more education and guidance than other trust administrators.

Trusteeze demystifies trusts, reduces reliance on attorneys and accountants, and gives some control back to the trust owner in this digital era.

Trusteeze embraces an approach of educating individuals around effective trust planning and administration, in order to empower themselves to take charge of their financial destiny, and mentors trustees to administer trusts properly to avoid it being declared null and void by SARS or creditors.

With decades of experience and an unbelievable amount of attention to detail, we really will guide you with everything to do with trust administration.

Trusteeze Manager Solution

Administer your trusts online with the Trusteeze Manager™ Solution

Our Trusteeze Manager™ is a unique administration platform for trusts, aligning the legal, administrative, accounting and taxation interactions.

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After much research and the application of the team’s skills and experience it developed a comprehensive trust services offering…

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Have you encountered one or more of the following challenges when it comes to trust and estate…

Why a Trust?

It is estimated that the average person spends 76 800 hours to build their estate. Very few people spend time ensuring that their estates are not diluted.

Types of Trusts

In the context of estate planning, a trust can be described as a legal relationship which has been created by a person…

Setting Up a Trust

Anyone thinking of setting up a trust needs not only to make sure that he or she is creating a valid legal structure, but also…

Online Solution

Trusteeze Manager is an online, real-time accounting, banking and administration software system for trusts.


When we saw the devastation that a mismanaged trust had on our dear friend Nickey’s family, we decided to take action. Not one of our beloved family or friends will be financially ruined through a mismanaged trust again. You shouldn’t either. At Trusteeze, we will guide you to leave a legacy of love through a well-planned and executed trust that will protect your assets and take care of your loved ones.

"You are in safe hands... we will guide you!"