Is your life cover structured in your family trust?

A strange fact is that more than 95% of clients have their Life Cover in their private capacity (individual names). They do not enjoy any tax benefits and have very little protection (in many cases none whatsoever!). Spouses are usually nominated as the beneficiary.

A ‘short and sweet’ benefits list of a trust-owned life policy:

  • No executor’s fees
  • Continuity
  • Protection
  • Tax benefits

In summary, if structured correctly and administered properly, a trust remains the most comprehensive estate planning vehicle in the world for the following reasons:

  • It provides total continuity
  • It ensures liquidity – no asset freezing upon death
  • Taxes and costs of over 30% can be saved upon death, which often requires the executor to sell assets to pay these taxes and costs
  • It allows multi-ownership of assets with no disruption upon death
  • It ensures confidentiality, unlike a will and liquidation and distribution account which becomes public documents upon death